Maurits Wouters (1986, Belgium) is a filmmaker and visual artist living in Turnhout (Belgium). In 2009 he graduated from RITCS as a film director, going on to complete his education at the University of Antwerp with a Master’s in Film and Theatre Studies (2011). Since 2013 he has been working on a PhD in the Arts, with the support of the FWO (Fund for Scientific Research), which he obtained in September 2017.


In his work Maurits Wouters investigates the visualization of collective, often fading memory. Specifically, in this memory process the medium (video, film, home video, VHS, ...) plays a crucial role. He collects audiovisual data (often analogue material) and endeavors to bring them to life by layering these different image sources. Originally a classical trained filmmaker, he evolved quickly to experimental film and expanded cinema. He was looking for a way to embed his filmmaking practice in the tradition of painting and visual arts. To this end, he uses film techniques derived from painting and other artistic disciplines. He also chooses unusual projection canvases such as transparent cloth, paintings, ... to incorporate the materiality of the projection screen into the viewing experience.

His work has been screened at various international festivals: FIDMarseille (FR), Jihlava FF (Cz), Visions du Reel – Filmmarket (CH) , Experimental Intermedia (USA), Fridman Gallery (USA), OFFoff Cinema (BE), Bozar (BE). Recently his work was shown at the Centrale for Contemporary Art (BE) and the following film festivals: 7° Lima Independiente IFF (PE), Golden Tree International Documentary FF (D), Parnu FF (EE). His work was included in the archives of the art institutions Argos Arts (Brussels) and Anthology Film Archive (New York). Argos Arts distributes Arcadia and the short film The Road Back. The Movement of Phill Niblock is distributed by Argos Arts and Kinescope (USA).