Maurits Wouters (°1986 Turnhout, Belgium)

Filmmaker and visual artist.

He graduated as narrative filmmaker at the RITS in 2009.
He then concluded a Master in Film & Theatre Studies at
the University of Antwerp in 2011. From October 2013
onwards he has been doing doctoral research financed by
the FWO (Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek/Fund
for Scientific Research).

In spite of his training in narrative film his artistic field of
action has evolved towards the plastic arts. In this he does
not limit himself to film. Also photography and installations
have more and more become part of his artistic path. The
films of Wouters were shown, among other venues, at the
International Short Film Festival in Louvain, Experimental
Intermedia in New York and FIDMarseille.

His films were archived by Argos Arts, Brussels,
& Anthology Film Archive, New York.