I have always been fascinated by the art of painting and by texture in particular. Not the image itself, but rather the way the image has been created. The way the act of painting creates the picture and the way dust could become part of it. If we look beyond the image itself, paintings become objects upon which a painter has worked, layer after layer.

For this new installation Moving Images, I would like to continue this reflexion on the material layers that make up a painting. I want to do this by using the projection screen (which is usually white and clean) as a painting. For the painting, I have worked with various layers of silver paint, dust, dirt, old photographs… As a result, the physical projection surface becomes part of the watching experience. The layers of paint turn into silver layers of memory upon which a new layer of time is applied: the projected images. With this work, I go back to a (lost) experience from the early days of cinema, the silver screen, the aesthetics of silent movies. Now, in the present, we look back on this experience through these layers of the past.

Maurits Wouters

Maurits Wouters



Technical specs
60', HD, 4:3, Black-white, 2D

Maurits Wouters