This audiovisual memory labyrinth assumes the physical form of a maze in which images are on semi-transparent cloth drapes. While we search our way to the centre, we are submerged into a time in which present and past meet, blend into a new form and vanish again. This installation by Maurits Wouters visualizes in a poetical manner the seductive yet –at the same time - unreliable nature of the past. As if it were an eternal moment in which one wants to get lost. The installation, based on the short film The Road Back that Maurits directed, was realized in collaboration with the department ‘Podiumtechnieken & Montage’ (Stage techniques & Editing) of the School of Arts - RITCS in Brussels.

Artistic supervision, concept & realization Maurits Wouters

In collaboration with
Students Bachelor 3rd year Stage Engineering (Podiumtechnieken) of School of Arts - RITCS : Lars Morren, Johannes Ringoot, Arthur De Vuyst, Laurens Claas, Robin Aeck, Jamison Van den Driessche, Margot Jansen
Students Bachelor 3rd year Editing (Montage) of School of Arts - RITCS : Natascha Megens, Willem van Hecke, Eva Burton, Bram Goeleven

Supervisors RITCS
Sven Vilain, Saskia Louwaard, Maarten Dever, Charo Calvo, Philippe Digneffe, Harry Cole

Louise Van Assche

Frin Platteeuw

Camera Promotion Film
Johannes Broux, Ilton Kabassa do Rosario, Vince Van der Pol

Supervisors PhD
Pol Dehert, Karel Vanhaesebrouck, Klaas Tindemans

Supported by
School of arts - RITCS, Erasmushogeschool Brussel, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Brussels Arts platform, Fund for Scientific Research (FWO)

Maurits Wouters